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My guild!

NEW GUILD! I joined two nights ago, and last night was the first raid night! It is <SINFUL>, and it’s one of the top guilds on the server (possibly the top 25-man?). Which is rather intimidating, as they’ve done everything but Cho’Gall, Nefarion, and Al’Akir, and I’m still at iLevel 348.6. I also didn’t really realize on joining that they are SRS BSNS about progression and raid every.single.night. Fortunately, they’ve got enough 85s that it’s okay if I miss a night here or there. Or everywhere, being that my schedule is rather unstable. Last night was Cho’Gall progression night, and we got him down to 55%, which was not too bad, considering the gear of some raidmembers (me, for instance). Dunno how often I’ll be around, but it’s a fun group doing exciting things for sure!


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