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killed chimaeron tonight! i was dps as a moonkin, my much-neglected offspec. our raid performed spectacularly – we oneshot everyone except atramedes (2shot) and chim (2shot) and broke every one of our guild’s previous records, despite the fact that we are the lower-tier team. even took a few cracks at nef. so that was pretty sweet.

on the other hand, my moonkin dps was abysmal – i was happy to pull 11k on magmaw, and that’s at ilvl 354. i had read the moonkin ej a few times and thought i knew stuff but was also sure i must be missing nuances. well, my raidleader (also resto/boom) schooled me afterwards. rotation tweak, two new glyphs  and a slight retalenting later and i was pulling 15k regularly in sfk. 22k when i multi-dotted some high-health mobs.

so here’s what i learned about how to moonkin that is not explained on ej:

1. force of nature, insect swarm, moonfire, wrath. go for lunar first, becauuuuse

2. first lunar: starfall. starfall during lunar is a goodly dps increase. 

3. then starfire/starsurge to solar. rinse/repeat.

so that’s the simple and works in the starfall, which you should be casting pretty much on cooldown when you reach lunar

the other big thing was on refreshing dots.

4. if you are near the middle of your eclipse meter and your dots fall off, reapply. 

5. if you are about to enter an eclipse (1 or two more casts), push the eclipse and then reapply dots. 

why? because at the beginning of an eclipse, using mf or sf will proc nature’s grace, which is plus haste and thus helps you phase transition faster. moar eclipses!

6. if you have a few adds, know they will live more than 5 seconds ish, and know the tank can control them (questionable in pug heroics), dot each of them. tidy dps increase.

this concludes moonkin lessons for the night; sleep well, folks.


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