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<SINFUL> has had some troubled times; guild leader and his wife have disappeared, burned out officers left, massive influx of recruits. i’ve not been the best guildie of late (hello school, hello boyfriend) probably making only 25% of raids. but i’m finally progressing a bit myself. i’m 7/12 now, thanks to a PuG halfus and guild nights.


magmaw (like a million times)

omnotron (twice)

maloriak (once)

atramedes (once, as balance. embarrasingly bad)

conclave (once; also embarassing as i kept leaving the platform when i wasn’t supposed to but how was i supposed to know that “everyone, move!” didn’t aply to me)

halfus (one shot him my first time, almost boringly easy)

v&t (three times; i do love these old queer dragons very much and our guild now does this fight almost seamlessly)

hit list:


Cho’Gall (tried him once on a progression night, but never got past 60…)

Nef (guild just got him on 10 man!)

al’akir (oh god he’s obnoxious)

chimaeron (oh god oh god = the healer chant)




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My guild!

NEW GUILD! I joined two nights ago, and last night was the first raid night! It is <SINFUL>, and it’s one of the top guilds on the server (possibly the top 25-man?). Which is rather intimidating, as they’ve done everything but Cho’Gall, Nefarion, and Al’Akir, and I’m still at iLevel 348.6. I also didn’t really realize on joining that they are SRS BSNS about progression and raid every.single.night. Fortunately, they’ve got enough 85s that it’s okay if I miss a night here or there. Or everywhere, being that my schedule is rather unstable. Last night was Cho’Gall progression night, and we got him down to 55%, which was not too bad, considering the gear of some raidmembers (me, for instance). Dunno how often I’ll be around, but it’s a fun group doing exciting things for sure!

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