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My guild!

NEW GUILD! I joined two nights ago, and last night was the first raid night! It is <SINFUL>, and it’s one of the top guilds on the server (possibly the top 25-man?). Which is rather intimidating, as they’ve done everything but Cho’Gall, Nefarion, and Al’Akir, and I’m still at iLevel 348.6. I also didn’t really realize on joining that they are SRS BSNS about progression and raid every.single.night. Fortunately, they’ve got enough 85s that it’s okay if I miss a night here or there. Or everywhere, being that my schedule is rather unstable. Last night was Cho’Gall progression night, and we got him down to 55%, which was not too bad, considering the gear of some raidmembers (me, for instance). Dunno how often I’ll be around, but it’s a fun group doing exciting things for sure!


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Pretty simple and dull, really. I read a lot of resto blogs, as well as pally blogs, moonkin blogs, general WoW blogs, blogs by healers I like, blogs with pictures of otters…and I have occasionally thought that I might have something to add. At the very least, I’d like to have a place to say it. So here is my saying-space.

Walk with the Earthmother,


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I’ve decided to use Spellbound’s excellent 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge as an excuse to finally get going on a blog of my own, mostly about World of Warcraft, but also about pretty much anything I want to talk about. So. Day 1 – Introduce Yourself!

My history with WoW started in fall of 2008, which was my freshman year of university. I got the 10 day trial of WoW, not knowing anyone playing, how the game worked, what a server was…I was entirely clueless. I picked the Antonidas server because it was similar to my name (Antonia) and rolled a Night Elf priest. After dying every two seconds at level 6, I rolled a druid. She made it to 10, and I liked her enough that I bought game time. But she was also abandoned at 16, as was my eventual human warlock at 22. I didn’t have a guild, didn’t understand what was going on in Stormwind trade chat, and was leveling at a snail’s pace. After a month of frustration and boredom, I left the game.

I quit until spring of 2010, when I rolled a tauren druid on Venture Co (US) with a few RL friends from school, planning to play over summer break. With the help of friends and our guild <Nyx>, I got her to 80 specced feral cat and resto. My paladin friend gently introduced me to Recount, which showed me that my kitty dps was miserable and convinced me to respec to balance. He also showed me HealBot. For the first time, I felt confident in my healing and was able to heal 80 instances and heroics with a modicum of success. In the middle of all this, half of the guild stopped playing for money reasons and we decided to server transfer, as VeCo trade chat seemed to be filled with even more racist, homophobic 12 year olds than average. One of our lot was interested in RP, and we chose Wyrmrest Accord as our new home after meeting the very friendly Purvis and Ilumina, leaders of the late <Victory Not Vengeance>, which became our guild home.

At the time, I loved pewpewwing as a moonturkey more than anything but found myself increasingly called on to heal. Our guild made a few attempts at various ICC bosses, but we were never terribly successful. I managed to get a lot of Naxx done with a friendly PuG, and adventured in Ulduar as well (to date, my favorite raid ever). But then summer ended, I left the country, and stopped playing.

I’ve been back since March of this year. I got my dear Semnai to 85 and hopped from guild to guild. I also have Neldaqa, a 44 troll hunter, and Sunseeker, a 31 tauren paladin. My current guild doesn’t raid much, so I’ve been PuGging with limited success.

And my real life? I’m a third year university student studying public policy and Russian; I cook often and well, play in an orchestra, and am part of a D&D campaign in medieval Wales. My longtime boyfriend tolerates my WoW habit as I tolerate (and support) his karate schedule.

Welcome to my virtual life! And may the eternal sun shine upon you.

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